Terms and conditions

Pink Lady® Club is a loyalty club created by Pink Lady® Europe, an association whose head office is located at 145, avenue de Fonvert, 84130 Le Pontet, FRANCE, email: contact@pinkladyeurope.com.
Company registration number (SIRET): 421 352 550 000 22, VAT No.: FR 2842 13 52 550.

Membership of the Pink Lady® Club is proposed in the following 12 countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden, accessible at www.pinkladyeurope.com.

Membership of the Pink Lady® club involves unqualified acceptance of all of these terms, which members acknowledge that they are aware of.

Membership of the Pink Lady® Club:

To join the Pink Lady® Club, users must connect to the website www.pinkladyeurope.com. They must register with the Pink Lady® Club by filling in the online form. To do so they must enter their postal address and email address and choose a password, and enter the other information required to create their account.

The next time they connect, they must identify themselves by entering their email address and password. Members’ passwords are strictly private and confidential. Members are entirely responsible for the use and protection of their password. Any operation carried out using their email and password will be deemed to have been carried out by the member. Consequently Pink Lady® Europe cannot be held liable in the event of fraudulent use of a member’s Pink Lady® account.

Only users who register with the Pink Lady® Club can collect Pink points. Membership of the Pink Lady® Club is available to any physical person aged over 18 who is resident in one of the 12 countries covered by the website www.pinkladyeurope.com and has the legal capacity to make a valid commitment to comply with these general terms. Membership is reserved for private individuals for their personal use. Membership is free of charge.Pink Lady® Europe reserves the right to refuse membership of the Pink Lady® Club to any person who does not meet the membership requirements. Members can cancel their membership at any time via the section Consult/Change my personal data in the Club area.

Advantages of the Pink Lady® Club:

Membership of the Pink Lady® Club enables members to:

  • Take advantage of the Pink Lady® loyalty programme by collecting Pink points (cf. Article 3 How to acquire Pink points, to find out the terms and conditions) that can be exchanged for exclusive gifts in the Pink Lady® store,
  • Publish comments on recipes on the Pink Lady® website,
  • Take advantage of exclusive Pink Lady® offers,
  • Receive the Pink Lady® monthly newsletter,
  • Take part in competitions to win exceptional prizes, such as dream holidays,
  • Take advantage of numerous advantages offered by exclusive partners of the Pink Lady® Club.

Pink points:

How to acquire Pink points:

To acquire more Pinks Members can:

Collect unique codes by buying Pink Lady® apples that are unpackaged or in punnets of Pink Lady® apples and/or PinKids®. The unique codes are on the back of stickers affixed individually to the apples for unpackaged sales, and on the back of the label affixed to the punnets of Pink Lady® and PinKids® apples.

It is specified that all Pink Lady® applies, whether they are sold unpackaged or in punnets, do not systematically bear unique codes.
Members are therefore expressly informed that buying Pink Lady® apples does not necessarily entitle them to unique codes enabling them to obtain Pink points, and that therefore there is a form of uncertainty regarding the allocation of unique codes when buying Pink Lady® apples.

To validate the unique codes, members must visit the section of the Pink Lady® Club intended for that purpose, called “Enter my unique codes” and fill in the form provided to validate the purchase. If the code is valid, the entry is validated and the account will be credited with 6 Pinks for each punnet bought and 1 Pink for each unpackaged apple bought. Members can enter as many valid codes as they have, within the following limits: 4 codes entered per day and 10 codes per week for purchases of punnets, and 15 codes entered per day and 25 per week for unpackaged purchases. If the above weekly limit is exceeded, members will receive an email informing them that they will be temporarily unable to enter unique codes. They will only be able to enter unique codes again after providing proof of purchase for the last unique codes entered. Furthermore members are informed that the unique codes have a limited life.

The unique codes on the back of the stickers have a deadline for use. This date is indicated on the stickers as follows: mm/yyyy. Consequently, if the unique codes are not validated by members on their Pink account before the expiry date, they are permanently lost. Members must keep the original copy of their sales receipt as proof of purchase for a period of 6 months following the purchase. Pink Lady® reserves the right to ask for the original copy of the sales receipt at any time during that period, and to cancel the Pink points credited via the unique codes if the proof of purchase proves invalid or is not provided. Furthermore, Pink Lady® reserves the right to permanently close the account if the member is unable to provide the requested proof of purchase. Any fraudulent use of unique codes may result in legal proceedings. In this regard, Pink Lady® reserves the right at any time to temporarily block the input of unique codes in the event of suspicion of irregular or abnormal use of the unique codes. Finally, it is specified that it is strictly forbidden for employees of Pink Lady® Europe and the partners, suppliers and subcontractors of Pink Lady® Europe, and in particular persons required in connection with their work to handle the Pink Lady® apples or punnets on which the stickers bearing the unique codes are affixed (e.g. the packing stations) as well as members of their family, to take part in entering unique codes in the Pink Lady® Club.

Sponsor a new member resulting in 5 Pinks being awarded per new member sponsored, provided that the new member meets the following conditions: the new member must register with the Pink Lady® Club (cf. Article 1 Membership of the Pink Lady® Club) and enter the sponsor code received by email on registering with the Pink Lady® Club. The sponsorship will only be deemed valid once the new member has validated a unique code for the purchase of a punnet of Pink Lady® or PinKids® apples. The sponsor will then be awarded 5 Pinks. Sponsorship is limited to 10 new members per member account.
Creating false accounts may result in legal proceedings.

Any creation of false accounts will be liable to legal proceedings.

Participating in the various campaigns organised at different times in the year makes it possible to earn Pinks in different ways (instant win competitions, Pinks offered during special events etc.).

How to consult your Pink points:

At any time, members of the Pink Lady® Club can check their Pink points balance on the website www.pinkladyeurope.com, in the section Club/Store, My Pinks (after connecting). The Pink points can only be used by the account holder. The points are and shall remain in all cases the property of Pink Lady® which grants its members permission to use the points they have acquired according to the rules defined in Article 3.1.

How to use your Pink points:

Members of the Pink Lady® Club can collect Pink points in order to acquire prizes in the online store: Store/Catalogue in the Club members area. Members can choose their prize from among the choices proposed by Pink Lady® in the catalogue, subject to availability of stocks. Once they have selected their prize, they can add it to their shopping basket if they have the required number of Pinks and validate their order and delivery address in order to receive their prize. Their account will automatically be debited by the corresponding number of Pinks and they will receive an email confirming the order and the time limit for receipt of the prize. Pink Lady® reserves the right to cancel an order at any time if it cannot be filled due to the unavailability of stocks.

Expiry of Pink points:

If a member has not acquired any Pink points for a period of 12 consecutive months, his account will return to zero. A further period of 12 months starts to run whenever Pink points are credited. Any points acquired by fraud will be cancelled without compensation, formalities or indemnity.
 To find out the date they last received Pink points, members can send an email to Pink Lady® Europe via the Contact section on the website.
The Pink points acquired by members do not have any market value. They cannot be converted into money and cannot on any account be transferred, sold, bequeathed, bought and sold on commission or bartered, to any other person or accumulated on another account, whether against payment or free of charge, even if that person is already a member of the Pink Lady® Club.
The sale, purchase, donation, brokerage, transfer, barter or exchange of Pink points is strictly forbidden, regardless of the consideration.

Methods of functioning of the Pink Lady® Club:

The Pink Lady® Europe team reserves the right to ask members to provide proof of their identity. Failing this, they may refuse to grant a benefit linked to the Pink Lady® Club.
By providing their contact details during registration, members agree to receive from Pink Lady® Europe by mail and/or by email (if they have agreed to receive email) benefits linked to the loyalty club, the brand and its products.
Members can only hold one membership in their name and per place of residence. In case of double membership, the oldest account will be retained and the points from the second account will be transferred to it.

Membership is strictly personal and reserved for private individuals for their own non-business use. Membership cannot be transferred to a third party in any way whatsoever, against payment or free of charge. Membership of the Pink Lady® Club is for an unlimited period. Any change of postal address must be notified to Pink Lady® Europe at www.pinkladyeurope.com in the section Club/Store – Consult/Change my personal data. Any change of email address must be notified to Pink Lady® Europe via the Contact section of the website. Members are responsible for the information they provide and guarantee that it is accurate and complete. If members fail to update their personal data, Pink Lady® Europe cannot guarantee that they will be able to make use of their benefits.

Members undertake to comply with the terms of use of the Pink Lady® Club. Pink Lady® Europe reserves the right to modify or stop the Pink Lady® Club, as well as its terms of use or benefits, at any time. The new terms will be given to the members by any appropriate means and will be immediately applicable. Pink Lady® Europe also reserves the right to change the scale for acquiring and using Pink points and to introduce specific scales linked to sales or marketing campaigns.
Any changes to these terms of use will be made available to members of the Pink Lady® Club at www.pinkladyeurope.com.
Members cannot on any account make any claim whatsoever against Pink Lady® Europe following changes to the content or offers of the Pink Lady® Club or cancellation of the Pink Lady® Club that are decided by Pink Lady® Europe or imposed by the legislation of the countries concerned.
Pink Lady® Europe reserves the right to suspend or cancel the membership of a member of the Pink Lady® Club at any time, on valid grounds, and in particular if the member does not respect the terms of use of the Pink Lady® Club or harms the image of Pink Lady®.

Pink Lady® Europe cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect consequences of any malfunctions of the Pink Lady® Club loyalty programme. In the event of a malfunction, Pink Lady® Europe will however do its best to ensure that members retain the benefit of the Pink points they have already acquired.

Protection of personal data:

In connection with their membership of the Pink Lady® Club and in general with their exchanges with Pink Lady® Europe, members are required to provide a certain amount of personal data. These data are collected to ensure optimum use by members of the benefits of the Pink Lady® Club and to inform members of the offers available. These data will only be retained by Pink Lady® Europe for the time required to achieve the aforementioned aims, and are not intended to be passed on to third parties.

Processing of these personal data has been declared to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) under reference number 1916167. Members are entitled at all times to access, modify, amend and delete their personal data. To do so they must send a letter or email to the following address: Pink Lady® Europe, 145 avenue de Fonvert, 84130 Le Pontet, France; contact@pinkladyeurope.com.


Any claims or objections relating to the Pink Lady® Club, Pink points and in general to these general terms, must be made by members in writing and sent to the address of Pink Lady® specified in Article 1. Pink Lady® shall endeavour to reply to them as soon as possible. No claims will be taken into account unless they are made within two months of the event concerned. It is expressly stated that the present general terms are governed by French law. Any disagreement regarding their validity, interpretation, performance, consequences or termination shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the county court of Avignon.